Meet and play with people your own age and make magic happen!

Imagine Rock Band

  • BAND 1 ages 12-13
  • BAND 2 ages 14-15
  • BAND 3 ages 16-17 (tba)

We are using music styles based in the Rock & Roll, Blues, and R & B traditions. A band is lead and backing vocals, guitar (limit 2), electric bass, drums, and keys.

Other instruments can be added to the core.

This is a 9 week unit course with a SHOW at the end for which the band gets paid.

Tech School

Imagine will offer INTERNSHIPS during shows in local venues, workshops in sound engineering, lighting, stage design, songwriting, music business management… and should your student choose, develop lasting skill sets that go with them wherever they go.

Some of our students will go on to write, record, publish and play their music with their songwriting partners and bands. Imagine will be right there with our Tech School to make sure it is done right, from stage to studio!